What To Wear On Wedding

You’ve received an invitation to a wedding and now you need to start planning what you’re going to wear. You want to look smart, however not overdressed. You want to match their theme while not mocking it.


Keep cool at a summer wedding with bright colors and breathable fabric.


  • You want to target staying cool whereas still meeting the formal expectations of the ceremony. The trick here is selecting a fabric that lets the air in. go for silk, linen, chiffon, and cotton. Also, match the sunshine with brighter and lighter colors.
  • Men may not need to wear a tie; however, you must still wear a light jacket. You can take it off later and roll up your sleeves; however, you must wear a jacket for the ceremony.
  • Women usually wear a pleasant sundress, you’ll still wear long gowns as long as they’re made of light, flowing fabrics.


Choose heavy materials and deep colors for winter weddings.

  • This is your chance to wear deep dark suits and deep jewel tones. Go for a heavy material like tweed, wool or velvet which will keep you warm within the cold weather.
  • Men can layer a cardigan or sweater between their shirt and their jacket and tie.
  • Women will wear tights with a shorter dress; however, combine them with close-toed heels. Don’t wear boots to a wedding.
  • A pantsuit is suitable for girls at a winter wedding who need to stay warm. Longer dresses may keep you cozy and covered.

Wear darker, more formal hues for an evening fete; opt for light colors and fabrics for a wedding day 🙂

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