Wedding Room Decoration

Everything should be done perfectly on the bride or groom’s day of marriage. Whether it comes to the wedding ceremony, decoration of a marriage hall, reception or a wedding room. In Asia people love to work really hard and spend a lot of money on wedding decorations.  In the countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh people use flowers more often in the decorations.

Here are some of the ideas that will guide that how wedding rooms should be decorated.

The colour of the walls of your room is very important when we talk about the decoration of  a wedding room. The colour should depend on the size and style of your room. If your room is not very big and does not  has any window or the source of sunlight and air coming inside your room then it is very obvious that you can not experiment with dark and dull colours. Use colours that make your room look big and ventilated.

Wedding Room Decoration

Flowers can add beauty anywhere and at anytime. Whether it is a summer season or a winter  you can decorate your wedding room with flowers by arranging them nicely. Flowers are an essential part in the decorations. You can go for red Roses, Tulips, Camellia, Ren and many other flowers for your room decoration depending on the colour of the room and the style of your furniture. Flowers can be arranged in a bunch and placed on your side tables, dressing area or can be attached with your bed. You can also put the bunch of flowers at the center table of the room.

The trend of hanging long colourful ribbons with the bed is now outdated. Ribbons are not in fashion now a days. Make use of decent curtains in your room. Tulips with light blue, pink or light purple colour curtains look extremely beautiful.

Wedding Room Decoration

Fairy lights and scented candles can also be used to décor your wedding room. Infact scented candles will add more beauty in your wedding room. Do colour scheming very elegantly.

Excessive use of everything is not good. It is not necessary to use everything in your room and make it look like a truck instead of a wedding room. Keep the style, size and furniture of your room in mind before decorating it.

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