Why Wedding Photography Is Expensive

To start with, the wedding business is an extravagance business. Another wedding photographer I know stated, “You can get an inn room at a Motel 6 or the Ritz Carlton. Both will offer you a bed.”

Experience, client administration and quality will fluctuate drastically between a $2,000 and $8,000 photographer. The lower-end photographer may shoot your weddings and hand your photographs to you on a thumb drive, while the top of the line may send you cards and champagne alongside a collection and other marked items.

Second, wedding photography is a full-time gig. I had a go at doing it as an afterthought while I had a vocation as a supervisor for a tech distribution in the Bay Area. It worried me and I couldn’t rest. Over having a 40-hour seven days work, I was shooting weddings on Saturdays (not a simple undertaking individually), at that point alter photographs amid my coffee breaks and evenings and ends of the week.

As others have stated, it takes several hours to alter a wedding. For me, it takes around two months to finish a wedding. That incorporates downloading my memory cards, backing them up to four areas, altering down a huge number of photographs, at that point post preparing the 700-1,200 photographs that I’m really going to convey to the customer.

In case I’m doing this full time, I will need to charge enough cash to survive– not get rich, but rather simply survive. This implies taking care of my fundamental expense of living (lease, sustenance, utilities, auto, gas, medical coverage, and so forth.), the cost of my gear (cameras, focal points, batteries, memory cards, hard drives, lighting hardware) and the cost of everything else related with maintaining the business (assessments and bookkeeping, promoting and publicizing, site, business and gear protection, proficient affiliation participations).

To put it plainly, you may figure, “For what reason does it cost $5,000 for somebody to take pictures for ONE DAY at my wedding?” truly, shooting photographs at your wedding is the simple part, and it’s only a little piece of ice on a hint of a greater challenge regarding ensuring you get a decent item by the day’s end. Also, recollect, you’re wedding photographs and recollections are what you will have for whatever remains of your life and pass on to who and what is to come (expecting you don’t get separated).

In conclusion, I’ll address your more particular concerns now.

“Nowadays, every other person has a DSLR.”

That is valid! Be that as it may, I have three of them! That sounds like a joke, I know. In any case, this is vital. On the off chance that you gave your cousin or uncle $500 to shoot your wedding since he or she has a favor camera, that is a hazardous bet. Imagine a scenario in which the camera comes up short. Imagine a scenario where the battery bites the dust. Imagine a scenario in which your cousin/uncle/companion becomes ill or harmed or alcoholic at your wedding. I have reinforcements of all that I have to ensure the activity completes, and that incorporates extra cameras, flashes, focal points, and much another photographer!

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