Wedding Makeup Tips for Winter

Winter is the season of love, joy and passion. The season where there is a complete low temperature and the cold wind blows. When everyone wants to keep themselves warm but also wear clothes which are updates and our in fashion. Winter is the season of wedding.

Everyone plans to get married in Winters because of the lovely weather. In summers it is really hard to choose your dress and play with the makeup. Winter season is the season of experiment where you can have experiment with the vibrant and dark colors. You can play with the dark shades even.

Many brides and girls do not know that which colors to choose. They mostly wear red colour bridal dress but they really do not now how to do makeup with it. They think that there is no difference between the summer and winter wedding makeup. Despite of the fact that all girls are aware about the techniques of the makeup now a days but still they do the same makeup either it is a summer wedding or a winter. There are some tips of doing wedding makeup in winter.

During winter our skin gets dry and dull. Always apply moisturizer before applying and makeup product on your face. Due to the dry and cold weather you might face ichyness and dryness and there can be patches of makeup seen on your face if you do not apply moisturizer.

Apply oil or chapstick o your lips before applying the lipstick or gloss. This will make your lips look glossy and pouty.  You can make use of dark eye shades in winters. You can play and have fun with dark colors either it comes to eye shades or lip shades.

Apply pink blush on instead of peach. Peach tones look fabulous in summers because they give you light summery pleasant look. Go for red, maroon, hot pink and brown shades instead of applying light nude colors. You can easily wear shimmery colors in winters as they enhance your beauty.

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