Wedding Jewellery Style

Wedding is the most important event for every girl. It is not just the event. It is the day for which she dream since her childhood. It is a desire of every girl to look different and gorgeous and catch the eyes of every guest. It is not really easy to make your wedding day a perfect one. A lot of time, management and ideas are required. It is not just the wedding dress which is important to make a day of a bride really perfect.

Jewellery also plays a vital role. If your dress is really beautiful and you are wearing a jewellery which does not suit with your dress then you can never look good. Mostly people are unaware of different styles of jewellery. They do not know what kind of jewellery. They do not know what kind of jewellery  they should wear with which dress.

Here are some ideas that will tell you that what jeellery styles you should choose with what kind of bridal dress.

Wedding Jewellery
Wedding Jewellery

Red bridal dress

In South Asia mostly brides love to wear red dress as it is the colour of love and passion and every bride looks really traditional in red dress. Wear jewellery having rubies in it. It also depend on the color combination. If you have a combination of red and green or red and blue bridal dress then you can also add green or blue stones along with rubies.

If your gown or lehnga is gold in colour then prefer wearing jewellery in champagne colour. Gold jewellery in champagne colour. Gold jewellery always complement with beige, light peach and pastel colour dresses.

If your dress has a V-neck you can wear choker necklace. It also depends on the structure of your body. Choker necklace compliment when you’re skinny. Girls and women with chubby face and neck should avoid wearing choker necklace.


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