Wedding decorations

Wedding; the most important occasion for every bride, groom and their family. Everyone wants their wedding day to be a perfect one. Everything is very important on a couple’s wedding either it comes to the dress of a bride, jewellery, menu, venue or the decorations of the wedding reception.  The decoration of the wedding reception plays a vital role in making your wedding day perfect.

For every event or wedding day your wedding decoration shoul be different and according to the event day.

Mayoon event

Mayoon is an event or occasion which people in South Asia celebrate before Mehndi event. On Mayoon day/event people apply oil, Mehndi and turmeric on bride and groom’s face and hands. Make use of yellow flowers in Mayoon decorations. You can make combination of yellow, orange and green curtains, flowers or other probs.

Mehndi event

Mehndi event is also one of the traditional event. It is the occasion of love, joy, happiness and colours.  You can décor the reception or hall with different type of colourful flowers. Mostly people prefer to decorate Mehndi event reception with yellow flowers.

Barat event

In South Asia people love to make bride wear red dress. As red is the colour of love and passion so go for red colour when it comes to barat décor. You can make different colour combination with red colour. You can make gold and red colour combination.

Walima event

Light, dull and soothing colours like dull gold, offwhite, light blue, peace and dull pastel colours look amazing in Walima’s décor. You can use variety of flowers like roses, lilies and tulips. Scented candles, statues and other probs can be used in decorations.

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