Wedding Cakes

Wedding ceremony is one of the most important and grand occasions around the world. No matter from which country you belong and what are your family traditions and customs you want your wedding ceremony to be the best among all your family members. Wedding is not just the occasion it is a joyous event of which every man and woman waits for. It is a time when a girl and a boy finally decides to get in a bond and decide to spend their life with each other.

wedding cakes

Everyone wants their wedding ceremony to be memorable. People do different rasams on their wedding. Now a days people give order for special wedding cake for their wedding ceremony. Now a days the trend of serving sweets is outdated. Many people want to the bride and groom to cut the special wedding cake on the stage and then distribute  it to others.

Wedding  cakes on the weddings reflects your taste and customs. They also depend on the day of wedding either it is the first day second or third day of wedding. On the first day of wedding there is Mehndi event usually in Pakistan and India and people prefer to make dholki, drum, instruments or some traditional kind of wedding cakes. Ombre cascading flower and two tier butter cream cakes are almost on every wedding.

Many people love the chocolate flavor. So they also prefer the taste of chocolate in their wedding cake. You can also match the colour of your wedding cake with your wedding dress or you can contrast it too. You can also go with the colour of the theme of your wedding ceremony.

The sophisticated cakes wrapped in ruffles look way beautiful than the other customized cake. It look so different and unique. Moreover water colour wedding cakes are also in trend now a days. It all depends on your choice, the theme and your taste.

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