What type of makeup young girls should do

About 10 years ago there was no trend of young girls applying makeup. It was a nightmare for their mothers to see their daughters in makeup. Previously there was a concept that the girls are allowed to apply even a lipstick just on their wedding day and after getting married. They used to think that young girls have their own fresh skin colour and beauty. They do not need any thing to make themselves look good.

But now many trends and concepts have been changed. Girls are very social now a days. They study and do job. They travel and explore the world. They work all day. They have to go to different places and meetings. They need to look presentable and attractive wherever they go.

Here are some makeup techniques which will help a young girl to look even more good and charming.

Do not over do

Sometimes just to look good we over do. Young girls should avoid doing excessive amount of makeup. This does not enhance their beauty. This actually hide their own features and beauty.


Avoid contouring your face. It is not necessary to contour your face wherever you go. Sometimes the more less you contour your face the more natural you look.

Light tones

Go for lighter shades and tones. Do not apply dark eye shades and dark lip colours. The more you go for lighter colours the more young you will look.

Some essentials

Apply eyeliner. Eye liners is essential to define the eyes.

Do aply mascaa where ever you go. This makes you look fresh and enhance the beauty of your eyes.

Brush on some blush. This gives a glossy look to your face.

Apply lighter shades of lip colours like light orange, light pink and hot pink .

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