Top 5 Pakistani designer wedding dresses

  1. Pakistani designer Hina Butt

Hina Butt delicate intricate that traces back to the Mughal Empire and offers the attire that unique Rajhastani look is creating individuals an admirer of her wonderful creations. She doesn’t complicate her dresses with colors, she designs them in a manner that’s efficient and precise.


  1. Zara Shahjahan wedding dresses

Zara Shahjahan is someone a girl can totally depend upon for the biggest day in her life! She experiments vintage and couture both, her great experiments are dresses that are breathtaking and listen to the inner wishes of a lady’s heart.Widely known among young ladies who prefer to expand their tastes in fashion, Zara has been combining fashionable and traditional to make masterpieces that win the hearts of her clients, beauty personified.


  1. Designer Fahad Hussayn

Pakistani designer Fahad Hussayn wedding dresses are an excellent choice once it comes to bridal wear, he keeps it elegant and lights while not fussing with complicity.


  1. Karma

karma offers haute couture, formal and semi-formal wear to its customers.When it comes to karma, expect dresses which will take your breath away, mostly as a result of their philosophy is to stay in and their clientele, that is what makes them such a catch within the eyes of the client. run by the attractive and extremely intelligent, hardworking Maheen Kardar.


  1. HSY

A comprehensive collection of fancy garments that includes modernism, traditionalism and a tang of both in one creation. He started out as a bridal wear designer however his ventures into different routes are even as famous now creating him one among the most effective in Pakistani designer wedding dresses!

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