Reasons Why You should plan a Day Time Wedding

Pakistani weddings are mostly night-time weddings. The event usually starts after 10 p.m. and it can get very late because there are a number of things to cover in a limited time. It is difficult to do all the activities such as the Nikah ceremony, photo sessions, dinner, rasams and rukhsati in just two/three hours. Sometimes the party ends so late that the guests reach their homes around 2-3 a.m.

Recently there is a new trend where desi people are opting more for day-time weddings. There are few benefits to throw a day-time wedding party which are listed below.

  1. Great Photos

A bridal photoshoot is the most important part of a wedding ceremony. Every couple want their pictures in the wedding album to be flawless. Night-time weddings often have lighting problems and huge, heavy lights are used to make the bridal shoot look amazing. However, a day time wedding will allow you to have great pictures without the heavy lights melting your make-up. You will look prettier and fresh in the bridal photos as compared to the photos taken at night.

  1. You Can Try an Outdoor Venue

Traditionally, Pakistani weddings take place at a rented banquet specially for wedding events. Personally, I love going to outdoor wedding parties that take place at a beautiful garden or something. If you have an outdoor place with beautiful view and surroundings, it can become a perfect venue for the wedding party. It will certainly save you a lot of money as it will be cheaper than the marriage halls and banquets. Plus, you can decorate the place exactly how you want it to look with the help of a wedding planner.

  1. It is Convenient for The Guests

Desi weddings are frequently planned to take place on Saturdays. So even if the party ends super late, people can enjoy as there are no schools or work on Sundays. This high demand makes a wedding venue super expensive, the rents are almost double on Saturdays. When you plan an afternoon wedding, you can have it on any day of the week. The guests can be relaxed as they will have plenty of time after the party to rest and go to their offices on the next day.

  1. It is Cost-effective

Afternoon weddings cost lesser as compared to the night-time weddings. There are more options available to book a cheaper venue as most of the wedding halls and banquets are free in the day-time.

You also save on the cost of rented generators and lightings which adds extra charges in your venue bill for a night time function. I recommend all the couples getting married this season to try to plan a unique and economical day-time wedding.

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