Mehndi day makeup

The main aim of mehndi makeup is to provide the bride a fresh glow that looks natural. These days we bring a special however easy Mehndi Makeup Tips for Brides.


Mehndi Makeup Tips

Mehndi Makeup Tips

Simple Mehndi Day Makeup Tips followed by the brides. The big major bridal makeup tip for mehndi is to use the appropriate base coat with a touch of face powder if your skin is oily, besides a mild color of eye shade which matches the color of your dress. Mostly Mehndi Dress colors are greens, orange and

yellow. A mild a gentle gold or a bright brown color of eye shades blend in with the dress color and therefore the light base. The bride should be aware concerning the makeup as a result of her final and supreme look should be saved for her big day, and she needs to look almost pretty much as good on the Mehndi day moreover.

Ladies as you recognize that on the marriage day Smokey eye makeup is extremely in for brides. On Mehndi day the bride shouldn’t forget to provide her makeup the final touches with a Kajol, light pink blush-on, and lipstick or a light pink lip-gloss. With this Mehndi makeup the bride can end up looking fresh and everyone set for the function. Don’t forget to provide a light touch of shimmer to the bride so she glows within the stage and on the pictures. The girly fresh mehndi makeup can make your day special for that bride.

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