Makeup tricks to look younger

Every girl in this world wants to look young, beautiful and different from others. Many girls are even ready to spend hundred of dollars on surgeries which may help them look younger. There are also some plastic surgeons who recommend them to do so but what if you may look younger without spending a lot of money or having any risk.

Many girls buy a lot of make up and apply it on their  face but if thy really do not know the tricks to apply it. There are tremendous makeup tricks which can help you look younger.

Moisturize your skin:

Your skin becomes dry and dull with the passage of time. Make use of moisturizers. Make your skin moist before applying makeup. If you apply makeup without moisturizer then patches of makeup can be visible on your skin. This will make your face look old and pathetic. Use primers or lotions on eye lids too. This will make your eye makeup last longer.

Eye Makeup:

Use pencils while doing eye makeup. Also fill the eyebrows with soft pencils. This will make your face look soft and young. For day time prefer brown eyeliners instead of black. We spend hundred of dollars on eye shades but most of us do not invest on good mascara. Mascara plays a vital role in making your face look presentable. Always use mascara which makes your eyes look big and fresh instead of sleepy.


It is not necessary to contour your face every time you go outside or dress up. Use highlighter on your cheekbones.  This will make your face look slim without contouring. Make sure that the colour of your face, jaw and neck is same.

Lip colour:

Your lip colour also plays a vital role in the over all appearance of your face. Use bright lip shades instead of dull. This will make you look young and fresh.

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