Makeup Tips For University Girls

They just over do either it comes to the getting dressed up thing or applying makeup. There are many girls who not know that what makeup products to apply and what to not specially in colleges and universities. Do not make everything complex and really fascinating. Sometimes you look good in simplicity.

Not every place is the place where you can apply any thing on your face which you want. Try not to wear bold and dark colors in universities specially if you have day time classes.

Things which are necessary

Sun Block Every girl wants to look really beautiful and different from the others. In this race sometimes

Always apply sun block on your face. Make sure that if you choose it after recommendation from your skin specialist.


Always use concealer  to hide your dark circles,pimples,marks and spots.

  1. liner and mascara

Liner and mascara should be your essentials when you do makeup. This will enhance the beauty of your eyes and makes you look presentable. Do not experiment with the liner when you are getting ready for university because this is really not the place where you have to dressed up like you are going on a prom night. Apply liner on your eyes according to the shape of your eyes and face.


A little blush on looks good. Make use of peach blush on in summers and pink blush on in winters. This will make you look fresh everyday.

  1. Lip shades

Avoid using dark lip shades. They never look good in such a place. Make use of nude colors in summers. If you want to look a bit bold and experiment a bit in winters then go for orange, hot pink and dull maroon shades.

Things you should avoid

Avoid contouring

Never never never! contour your face when you go your face when you go in college or a university. This is really not the place to do such things.

Avoid eye shades

Avoid eye shades

Avoid dark eye shades . The more less you do makeup the more attractive you will look.

Say no to hear base and foundation

Avoid applying heavy base or foundation on you face. Use BB cream instead of foundation. This will make your face look smooth.

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