Makeup tips for round face

In this modern world full of glamour and new fashion trends every girl loves to do makeup. This makes her not just beautiful but different from others too. This look so good when a girl wears an extremely expressive and bold creative makeup which enhances her beauty in a totally different manner.

Many girls having chubby or round faces do complain about their overall appearance. They usually dream to have a sleek thin face. They think that due to their round face they might look less attractive or older than their actual age.

Here are some of the makeup tips for all the girls who want to make their face look more sleek and attractive.


How to contour a round face? Girls get really panic and upset when it comes to contouring. Using perfect contouring techniques can make your face appear longer instead of round. Make use of the highlighter at the center of the forehead. The application of the base is exactly the same but there are some things which differ. Apply highlighter on the bridge of the nose, on the high point of the cheekbones and on chin. Apply shadows on the sides of the forehead, below the cheekbones, below the lower lip and along the jaw line.


Applying the blush on your face in an angular motion. Blend it from the apples of the cheeks towards the temples.

How to deal with skin

If you have a round face and a dry skin always prefer to use a cream blush. If you have an oily skin then use powder blush.

Eye brows

Your eye brows plays a vital role in the eye makeup appearance of your  face. Highlight your eye brows. Eye brows should be nicely filled in if you have a round face.

Eye Make up

Make use of bold and dark eye shadows. Add a little shade of nude colours in your eye shades too. Your eye liner should be bold and dark.

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