How to make yourself look young

Who does not wants to look young and fresh? Everyone wants to look young. Charming and attractive. Now a days people are so busy in their daily hectic routine that they do not even have time for themselves, It is really difficult to go to salon weekly or even on monthly basis.

Here are some tips that will help you look younger.

Always moisturize your skin

Make sure you always moisturize your skin before going to bed and after waking up every morning. Usually in Winters your skin gets dry and dull. The extreme cold weather affect your skin badly. Even if you apply makeup you can see makeup patches on your skin. This makes you look older. Do apply olive oil or almond oil every day. When you sleep at night your skin absorbs all the moisturizer.

During Summers due to hot burning weather your skin gets rough and tan. You should do icing daily. Take one cucumber juice, one tomato juice and one lemon juice. Mix it. Stir it properly and then add one table spoon honey in it. Put this mixture inside the refrigator till the time it is not freezed . Rub ice cube every day on your skin. This will make you look young and fresh.

Do not apply a lot of make up

Avoid applying excessive amount of makeup on your face. This not enhance your own beauty. Sometimes excessive amount of makeup products application can hide your own beauty.

Wear colours that compliment your beauty own complexion. Avoid colours that make you look fat and dark. Make sure you use that colours in your dresses or eye shades that suits you. When you wear extreme dark collours with tan complexion you look older.

Lip colour

Lip and eye shades also play a role in making you look young, smart and presentable.

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