Kareena’s Son Taimur Fame

We have been growing up watching bollywood movies all day and night. Our craze of watching bollywood movies and songs can never come to an end. We try to follow every single bollywood actor and actress  on every social media platform and when it comes to Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan, who is not a hardcore fan of them?

Apart of their work and career their cute couple is also admired by everyone. After 5 years of relationship they finally decided to get married. Even though they belonged to two completely  different family backgrounds and have a big age difference even then they have a healthy marriage life.

Kareena’s Son Taimur

Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan gave their first statement after the birth of their son named Taimur. The statement reads,”We are very pleased to share with you all the wonderful news about the birth of our son. Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi, on the 20th December 2016”.

Since that day Taimur Ali Khan has became a star. His birth was being made a hot topic not in the world of Bollywood but all over the world.

Kareena’s Son Taimur

Everyone likes kids and when it comes to such a cute adorable kid of Kareena Kapoor and Saif then why will everyone not go crazy about him? Every social media platform is filled with Taimur Ali Khan’s pictures. His adorable pictures have leave all the stars behind.

At the trailer launch of Saif Ali Khan’s movie, Chef, all reporters asked about the fame of his son, Taimur.  To which he replied,”I would like to take his autograph.”

Surely everyone would love to meet him as he has not made everyone demented by his cute personality but also by his cheeks. His cheeks can make any person smile at any time.

Saif Ali Khan was also asked about that how he manage to spend the time with his son, to which he answered “When I am working I would like to do 7 to 7 shift if I can as I can see him early in the morning and when I come back I get to spend quality of time with him.”

The latest pictures of Taimur Ali Khan with his mom and dad have gone viral and liked by million of people. Taimur was being loved not only by Indians but by many people in the foreign land too.  May God bless him with health and success.


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