How to avoid dandruff

What’s the point of having a beautiful , shiny, thick and long hair if you have a dandruff. Your hair never look presentable if you are suffering from this problem. To solve this dandruff problem first of all reasons should be known that why are you  are facing this problem and which things should be avoided.

Oily skin

If you have an oily skin you will face the dandruff problem. This can cause irritation in your skin and you will get disturbed.


Fungus is a serious disease which can be caused because of many reasons.  This may be because of genetic problems or because of hygienic issues. Fungus can also cause dandruff and irritation in your head scalp.

Not shampooing often

During Summers your body sweats often. Your hair also becomes untidy and oily because of sweating. You should make sure that you wash your hair daily in Summers or after one day with a good shampoo or conditioner.

Sensitivity of hair products

People are unaware about the hair products. They do not study properly and check the products before applying them. Sometimes hair products can react badly. Do not apply any random hair product without asking from your dermatologist.

How to overcome dandruff using home remedies

Lemon juice

Take two table spoon lemon juice and apply it on your scalp for 10 minutes. Then add one teaspoon lemon juice in water and wash your hair with this mixture. Lemon juice contains acidity which balance the PH level of your scalp.

Tea tree oil

Apply tea tree oil before washing your hair or taking bath. This will help you decrease the roughness and itchness of your scalp.

Baking soda

Apply baking soda on your scalp for 10 minutes before washing your hair.

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