How to get dressed in Summer Wedding

Summer is the hottest season of the four season where there is a hot burning temperature and sun rays falling direct on your skin. It’s really difficult to choose that what to wear in Summer Weddings. Everybody wants to look good and presentable but how is that possible when you do not know that which colors are good to dressed up.

Here are some of the tips that will guide you what to wear in Summer weddings and which colors to choose.


Avoid wearing extreme bold and dark colors in Summer wedding. If you wear dark color outfit then atleast do not apply heavy dark makeup shades. Wear colors like dull gold, dull red, light blue, lemon, pale green or lemon. Mari gold and poppy red dresses also look good in Summer Wedding. Dresses with colors having silvr or golden stone work on it look tremendous in Summer Wedding. If you wear dark colour outfit then make sure that there is no heavy work done on it.


Avoid carrying too much makeup in Summers. In Summers usually most of us body gets sweat and its really hard to carry any base and foundation. Always apply moisturizer before apply makeup. In this way there will be no makeup patches seen on your face.

Hair Styling

Your hair style plays a very vital role in making you look good or bad. A woman having a bad hair day can never look good even if she’s carrying her outfit well. You should know how to play with your hair and give them a proper style according to the temperature., time and event. Never try to over do with your hair in Weddings. Avoid using extra hair accessories in Weddings as they are out of fashion now.

If you have a good hair cut then blow dry your hair. They will look presentable. If you want to make it a really classy then you can go for curls. And if you want to give a formal touch then you can even tie your hair with a style.


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