Dress Colours for Mother Of Bride

Wedding is the most important occasion of a bride and groom. This is the day when they both finally get into a bond and decide to spend their whole life with each other.

This day is not only important  for the bride and groom but also important and precious for the family of bride and groom. Everyone is soo excited about the whole wedding occasion. Either it comes to wedding dresses, makeup or the decorations. We always talk about that what should bride wear and which colours she should go for but we never discuss that what the mother of bride wear. After all she is the most closest and dearest person of the bride.

To choose the dress colour of the bride’s mother is not that simple. It depends on many things. It depends upon the following factors.

Dress Colours for Mother Of Bride
Dress Colours for Mother Of Bride


The colourful of the bride’s mother dress does not depends on her age. If she is not that young then she should go for dull and decent colours, The colours should not be soo bright like red, green and yellow. But it also depends on that how she carries it. There are many old ladies who wear red but still look decent, If you are young then there is no problem in wearing bright or any colour. But if you have crossed your forties then choose colours like dull gold, cream, dull silver, black and light pastel colours. Any type of dress in pastel colour will look amazing.


The colour of the bride’s mother dress also depends on the season. If the wedding is in Summer season you can wear light colours but if the wedding is in Winter season then you can experiment with dark colours.

Event time

While choosing the colour of the dress, bride’s mother should also consider the time of the event. If it’s the day time event then she should go for light pastel colours. If it is night time event she can wear colours like maroon, dark, blue, purple and black with delicated  golden work on it.

The mother of the bride should wear completely different colour from the bride’s dress.

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