Why brides wear red colour on their wedding day

Every bride has a dream to look perfect on her wedding day. She plans her bridal dress and wedding day since her childhood. She has many dreams regarding her wedding day and she wants to wear that dress which make her look not less than a princess.

The colour of the brides’s dress may depends on her culture, cast and family traditions. Mostly every bride prefer to wear red. Red is the colour of blood and the colour of fire. Red colour is associated with many other things. Red colour makes you look different from others. It is the colour of love and passion. Red is the colour of beauty and elegance. Red roses can melt a heart of anyone. This shows that everything which is beautiful, elegant and priceless comes in red then why not a bride should prefer red colour when it comes to their bridal dress. Red colour looks beautiful on any skin tone. Whether a skin tone of a bride is light, bright or dark and dull red bridal dress will suit on her.

In Pakistan, Bangladesh and India girls usually have wheatish king of complexion. They are neither too dark nor bright. Red bridal dress makes them look fresh, younger and elegant. Red is the colour of joy, romance, will power and strength.

A girl wearing red dress looks bold and confident. Red colour has some connection with anger and radiance.

Many Indians connect red colour with the rising  of sun. They think that if  brides wear red dress then she will have a successful married life. She will succeed and prosper. Besides this according to astrology the planet in charge of marriages. The colour of Mars is even red. That is why many Indian brides prefer to wear red bridal dress because red colour stands for prosperity and fertility.

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