Bridal shower a new trend in Pakistan

A bridal shower is basically a gift-giving party held for a bride. Usually a bride shower is arranged by the female friends of the bride. This is just to show the love of friends for the bride. A small kind of celebrations before the wedding. The trend of the bridal shower started in 1890s in United States but now this trend is becoming  common in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and even in Pakistan.

All the planning of the bridal shower and every arrangement is done by the bride maid and her rest of the friends. In Pakistan the trend of the bridal shower is going very viral. Every girl wants her friends to throw a party for her.

People are spending a lot of money on the bridal shower.  Even they hire event managers for the arrangements of bridal shower. From deciding the venue to the theme and the menu of the bridal shower everything is soo super fun. Everything  becomes so memorable if it was perfectly organized and managed.

Bridal shower should never be boring. There should be games for the arrival guests. Your menu depends on your gathering and their taste . Your menu can be from sandwiches to BBQ. All depends on your likes and dislikes and how foodie you are. There can be special customized cake or cupcakes on bridal shower.

People hire photographer to capture every moment of bridal shower. Bride’s maid also give gifts to the guests. Cute little goody bags are made and filled with different kind of things and are gifted to the guests. You can also give candies, chocolates to the kids and makeup products to the girls arriving at the bridal shower.

Bridal shower can be celebrated anywhere and any way like the way you want. It all depends on your budget and the number of guests which are to be invited. You can either arrange it inside your house or in hotel.

Bridal shower is not just a party arranged by the bride’s friends but it is also a chance to make all your family members meet together and have a quality of time.

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