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Beauty is power and makeup is the way to that. It’s correct that fine makeup doesn’t only decorate you but also makes you more confident. There is no such woman on earth who does not wish to look marvelously beautiful on her wedding since it’s the particular day of everyone’s life so, bridal makeup is a little more technical than the normal one. The advancement in cosmetics like other arts is an ongoing process since the early human history.

The wedding day is the most precious and prestigious day of an individual’s life. But more purchasing and wedding planning makes you stressed out so the skin can get affected by such burn-off. Besides your wedding planning, you need to unwind yourself emotionally and physically to take a healthy diet, eat more water and add a few veggies to your diet; several brides prefer yoga and meditation with the intention of pampering themselves. Keep your skin moisturized using an appropriate moisturizer and don’t forget regular cleansing especially when you invest extra time in shopping out your property. In Pakistan, brides use ‘Ubtan’ a mixture of the basin (Powdered g) and turmeric for a long time prior to their wedding day for a glowing skin. These are makeup preparations are essential for giving your wedding make up fresher look.

Traditions are given an ultimate significance in eastern countries such as Pakistan. Pakistani bridal makeup differs from different cultures because in Pakistan brides are styled in a traditional way exactly like the model in the picture is styled uniquely with a fine makeup.

Pakistani brides focus more on their skin; that’s why they carefully choose a foundation according to the essence of the skin. Various colors of the foundation are used to highlight certain features like cheekbone and nose contour which is called ‘contouring’. Aside from base and contouring eye lipstick and makeup sunglasses are well picked by an expert in line with the bridal dress and jewelry.

To get a perfect Pakistani bridal look that the base is chosen that matches the complexion of the bride and some darker and lighter tones with the intention of the design. The cheekbones are made into nose and focus is provided a pointed shape using contouring technique. Just take a look at the image isn’t it exciting to make your features look as sharp as you want.

Cutting long story short, bridal makeup is a careful process and some extra care and aesthetic sense are required to make a bride perfect for her day.  Be yourself in choosing your wedding attire and enhance its grace by these impeccable ideas. Have a happy wedding!


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