Best Pakistani Skin Care Products to Try This Shaadi Season

The wedding season is upon us and there are so many shaadis going on everywhere. Everybody wants to look perfect so taking care of your skin and hair prior to the event is essential. ‘Conatural’ and ‘Kishmish’ are two Pakistani organic skin care brands which are gaining popularity among women. Conatural claims that their products are Paraben and Triclosan free which is great. I have tried most of their products and absolutely love them. Here is a list of some products you need to try this wedding season.

1.   Better Than Ubtan, Scrub with Radiance Oil by Conatural

Ubtan is used weeks before the wedding day on the bride to give her a beautiful pre-wedding glow. We use ordinary Ubtan for this purpose but Conatural’s ‘Better than Ubtan face and body scrub’ is a perfect substitute to your regular Ubtan. It gives you a flawless skin with a glow in minutes. It comes with a radiance oil which is added in to the Ubtan mixture. To use, gently rub the Ubtan paste on face and hands as a scrub and wash it off after 15 minutes. You can keep it longer if you like for better results.

  1. Intense Growth Hair Oil by Conatural

Oiling hair is something we all ignore most of the time. In our busy schedules, we don’t get time to regularly oil our hair. It can lead to problems like hair fall and dandruff. Conatural ‘Intense growth oil’ is ideal to strengthen your hair. Simply massage the oil into the scalp and leave for at least one hour to make your hair and scalp fully absorb it. Use it once a week to accelerate hair growth and prevent hair fall. I recommend using it at least a month before your wedding day to get healthy hair.

  1. Rock Salt Scrub by Kishmish

Kishmish is a Pakistani organic skin care brand from Lahore and their products are amazing. There is a wide range of cleansers, fruit masks, creams and hair care products. I love their Rock salt scrub for exfoliation as it is organic and very effective. Take a small amount on apply on the damp face, massage gently in circular motions and wash it off. It removes dead cells and make your skin look clean and glowing.

  1. Strawberry Fruit Mask by Kishmish

Kishmish offers a variety of masks such as clay mask, papaya mask, green tea mask but I love the strawberry fruit mask from this collection. It improves complexion and is great for dull, dry looking skin. It has Strawberry extracts which is really good for the skin. Simply apply the mask on damp face and wash off after 10 -20 minutes to achieve a brighter and fresh-looking skin.



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