Beauty tips for winters

Winter is the season of love, passion and joy.  It is the season where everyone wants to take a sun bath and sit infront of fire and smoke to keep them warm. It is the season which is almost loved by everyone but this season makes your skin looks dry and dull. You really need to work hard on your skin during winters. If your skin is not good enough even the makeup does not look good. You can clearly see the patches of makeup on your dry skin. Here are some beauty tips for winters.

Stay hydrated

Usually we do not drink good quality of water during winters. We should drink  7-8 glass of water daily and keep yourself hydrated. Drinking excessive mount of water makes your skin hydrated and glow. Your skin does not appear dry and dull.

Use moisturizer

The cold winds and extreme low temperature can badly affect your skin. Your skin becomes soo dry and itchy. Always use moisturix=zer on the daily basis. Apply milky lotions before going to bed. Massage your face every night. Make use of olive and almond oils.

Use sun block

In winters you love to take sun bath. Lways apply sun block on your skin before taking a sun bath.

Avoid taking hot baths

Everyone loves to take a hot bath in Winters but this can make your skin look dry. Hot water can badly affect your skin. Apply moisturizer or olive oil before taking a hot bath.

Hair conditioner

Apply oil to your hair before taking a bath and apply conditioner after washing your hair. Extreme hot water can also reduce the shine of your hair.

Use creamy foundations

In summers you can not apply creamy foundations as your face is sweaty. But in Winters always use creamy foundations. This will make your skin look fresh and does not make your face look dry.

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