5 Items a Bride Must Carry in Her Bag on The Wedding Day

Being a desi bride is not an easy thing. The wedding day can become very tiring and stressful for girls. In order to survive through the whole event, the bride needs to carry some items in her clutch or bag. Our desi bride always has to sit for long, uncomfortable hours in front of cameras and heavy lighting. The rasams and photo sessions can take forever to end, so here are a few things you need to have in your purse to survive your wedding day.

  1. A Compact Powder with a Small Mirror

A small hand mirror is a must have for makeup emergencies. Sometimes, your face starts looking dull and oily and a matte compact powder can fix this problem. Keep a good powder with a mirror in your bridal bag to fix the makeup if required. Heavy lehenga, jewellery and camera lights can take a toll on your makeup and you are going to need a mirror for quick touch ups.

  1. Blotting Papers

If you have oily skin, it can get real shiny because of the heavy bridal makeup. Your foundation can crack around the smile lines and nose can get super shiny after few hours. Blotting papers help absorb that extra oil and make the makeup look fresh without applying more layers. Just dab it on the shiny areas to avoid looking greasy.

  1. A Pain-killer

A bad headache can definitely ruin your big day. A pain killer is very important because the whole wedding day is commonly very stressful and exhausting for the bride which can cause a headache. Having a pain killer such as Aspirin or Panadol can provide relief from the unwanted pain.

  1. A Lipstick

There should be a good matte lipstick in your bag so you can redo your pout when needed. The lipstick shade should be similar to what is used in your wedding make-up. A red lipstick is often used on brides so it is a good idea to keep a red lipstick with you.

  1. A Wide Toothed Comb:

Traditionally, a bride’s hairstyle is a tight up-do with lots of pins, hair spray and back combing. This makes it impossible for the bride to detangle her hair afterwards and make it look like a nest. Keeping a wide toothed comb in you bag will help you detangle you locks after the event.

These are the few things that you will need to have with you on your big day. There is a number other stuff that should be included here but since the bridal purse is commonly a small clutch, we cannot put much stuff in it. However, you can put all these helpful items in a small make-up bag and ask one of your sisters or close friends to carry it around for you throughout the event.

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