5 famous wedding ring Trends

If you are a non-traditional bride or simply need a unique wedding ring, there are lots of choices out there.


Colorful Gems wedding ring

If you are considering a colorful center stone, you do not get to go with a wedding ring diamond there are many different wonderful options out there. Sapphires are nice alternatives to yellow and pink diamonds and rubies and emeralds provide off an instant vintage ambiance. Another thought: A stone with multidimensional color, like alexandrite, creates a cool color-change impact.


Elaborate side Views wedding ring

Intricate details on the sides of your band mean your ring can look wonderful from all angles. We love the chain-link impact of this setting it symbolizes the eternal bond of the wedding ring (and looks modern).


Square Bands wedding ring

Not only are wedding rings with sq. bands entirely sleek, they are also more comfortable than round bands. sq. edges will not pinch or constrict your fingers.


Mixed Metal Prongs wedding ring

Mixed metal prongs will create a lot of seamless look with colorful center stones and are an easy way to mix up your wedding ring set. Opt for yellow gold prongs with a rose gold or yellow center stone play up a pink one.


Colorful Diamonds wedding ring

If you are looking to go the untraditional route, a colorful diamond could be a stunning selection. Fancy-hued wedding diamonds ring like pink or yellow, stand out from the crowd while not feeling too over the top.

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